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Welcome to

PT Agency MSM International

The best Tiktok agency that has managed many artists and created outstanding creators on Tiktok

Received the best agency award at the Tiktok Live Universe 2022 event

Best Tiktok Agency
Mr Castello

Best of the best agencies

Indonesian Tiktok Agency
Roy Kiyoshi
Dennis Lim
Best MSM agency

Why should you choose MSM?

Best agency


Received many awards and has branches spread across various countries such as Russia, the Philippines, England and other countries. In Indonesia, MSM has more than 20,000 hosts

Professional facilities

We have many professional studios in our office that talents or creators can use for free.

Experienced for more than  10 years in the field

All of our employees are professionals who are ready to serve and guide creators wholeheartedly.

Many artists have joined

As Tiktok's best agency, many big Indonesian artists have joined MSM

Studio Live

Let's grow with MSM

TikTok Artist
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